Bishop Darrin C. Johnson

Presiding Prelate

      Overseer McCoy L. Eaton and The REAL Church are covered by and affiliated with Bishop Darrin Christopher Johnson and the Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches. Overseer Eaton serves wholeheartedly and diligently as the National Youth Director under this great leader and impactful fellowship of churches.  


        On August 2nd, 2019 His Grace, Bishop Darrin Christopher Johnson and the College of Bishops elevated our senior pastor and founder to the office of Auxiliary Overseer. This is a great honor bestowed on our leader from our Apostolic covering and leader.













About Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches


    Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches is a fellowship of churches, ministries and ecclesia seeking apostolic covering that will operate and promote a spirit of excellence in building the Kingdom of God.


      Dominion Alliance will embrace and maintain the Pentecostal theology.

(preaching of Christ, the harvesting of souls; the baptism of the Holy Spirit; the lifestyle of holiness; and the working of deliverance and miracles). 


    Dominion Alliance will protect and preserve the heritage, practices, and biblical doctrine of the Church established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; who said “upon this rock I’ll build my CHURCH and the gates of hell will not prevail”.





     Dominion Alliance of Pentecostal Churches is devoted to cultivating individuals who are called to ministry in their pursuit to become strong and integral leaders in the Body of Christ. The Alliance provides a safe haven for healthy fellowship and supportive counsel to promote the overall well-being of ministry leaders. The ultimate goal is to validate and promote leaders to make significant impact in their local communities and the kingdom at large.